Professor Donghee Son Laboratory

Research | Implantable Bio Integrated Electronic Systems

Implantable Bio-integrated Electronic Systems

Neural recording & modulation in central/peripheral nervous systems

Peripheral nerve repair(such as neurorrhaphy or nerve grafting)

Long-term reliable bidirectional electroceuticals

Cardiac signal monitoring and Vascular anastomosis/monitoring

Implantable System

Biosensors (ECoG, Epicardial, Neural, ect)
Mechanical Sensor
Signal Processing (Circuit, Amplifier, Filter)
Artificial Synapse (Transistor, Ferroelectric)
Memory (RRAM)
Wireless System
Self-power System (Piezo, Thermal, Tribo)
Simulation (FEA)
Display (Real-time Monitoring)
Actuator, Robotics
Bio-Interface (PNI, CNI, Cardiac, Brain)
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